Harlequin Bowmen Have-A-Go You Never Know Until You Try!!!!

At a have-a-go session you will receive sufficient instruction to safely shoot a recurve bow at a target and will the have the opportunity to shoot under supervised conditions.  The length of  shooting, fees etc will be determined by the nature of the event.  A have-a-go at a school fete will offer a different experience than a works outing session.

If you are interested in taking part in a have-a-go session, please contact one of the coaching team on the       contacts page.

Organising a Have-A-go

If you would like to invite Harlequin Bowmen to run a have-a-go for you, please get in touch with the coaching team on the contacts page.  These events are run on a voluntary basis by club members, but do ask for a small fee to cover transport, equipment wear and tear and a small contribution to the club

If you are not shooting at Harlequin’s field, a coach will have to visit and assess the safety aspects of the proposed venue.  As a guideline, you will need a field with at least 110 yards free space from the shooting line.

These sessions are run on a voluntary basis by the club members and so are contingent upon the availability of a qualified coach and sufficient club volunteer helpers to run the event.

In all matter relating to safely, the club coach is final arbiter.  If a safe layout and operation cannot be agreed, the have-a-go session will be cancelled.

The club provides all equipment, warning signs etc.  These require vehicular access to deliver and some time to set up and take down.