Harlequin Bowmen 2010 Tournament  Reports

Dunster 2010

The usual suspects ( The Taylors and the Tappins) travelled down to Somerset for the annual weeks shooting in the sheep field.

Usually Dunster week is renowned for it’s strange weather, wind, rain, sun even thunder, or even all on the same day. This year there was little wind and bright sun for nearly all the week. The only time it rained was during the night. Most archers said that there hadn’t been a week like it in all the time they have been going. Many people put it down to Janet (The old organiser who had sadly passed away early in the year) pulling the strings and levers upstairs to ensure we had a great week. (Thank you Janet).

This year was Brian and Denys’ 10th wedding anniversary. In 2000 they got married in the registry office and had a blessing on the mound on Longbow Day. They are like the queen and have two anniversaries, one on the 14th and one on longbow day.

This year Roz and Dicky Summers were married in the castle and wore their wedding outfits on Longbow Day.

All the archers lined up and made an arch of longbows for them.

Congratulations to you both and may you be very happy together.

When it came to the prize giving

Harlequin came away with quite a few medals which included

Danny Taylor - 2nd Clout, 3rd visitor York and The Compound Victor Ludorum.

(Victor Ludorum is overall best placing in the FITA, Field, Longbow, Clout and York)

Mick Tappin - 1st Longbow National (Sat and Sun)

Pauline Tappin - 1st Compound National (Sat and Sun)

Mandy Tappin - 1st Longbow National (Sat and Sun)

Well done to everyone and it would be lovely to see a few more of the club there next year.

A slide show of some pictures can be seen HERE.

The results can be found HERE.

Southampton Wessex Albion

4th July 2010

On a windy Independence Day the Taylor clan were joined by Mark Sliney for an Albion round at Southampton Archers.  The wind made it an interesting day. Danny won 2nd Compound and Harlequin once again won the Compound team trophy (just because they were the only ones has nothing to do with it) and Mark came a very good 17th in recurve.

Full results can be seen HERE