Harlequin Bowmen Club Awards


These start from the shortest distance that you wish to shoot.

The table below show the minimum distances that you can apply for Six Gold Ends to the GNAS.  These are:

Note:  For six gold ends only, with metric distances 10 and 9 zone count.

I will not do a chart table for the Harlequin Gold End awards.  You can start at whatever distance you want but once you have achieved a distance you cannot go back.  If you have already achieved a ‘Six Gold End’ at your shortest distance and received a badge from GNAS, I will also award a badge if you succeed at longer distances.

By the way if you can get a picture of your six gold end, I am sure that our webmaster will be pleased to set up a six gold end gallery.

  1. Harlequin Rose and Fita Star Award

These are for rounds shot either at club target days or at competitions which are not Rose or Stars.  Be aware these are 12 dozen rounds, so you need stamina and time.  You will need to shoot the correct round for your age. The award will be club rose badges.

Below are the badges that are available for you collect, but only by shooting the rounds in Rose or Fita Star status competitions.  

Rose Awards

Fita Stars

An archer may only claim for the score level achieved

The Rose awards are for:

The Fita Star awards are for the correct distance for your age.

3. Clout

Tassel awards are for clout scores that are not shot in a tassel competition are as follows:

The Metric Tassel Award qualifying scores are as follows:

Special Club Awards

The following are the new awards for rounds that do not have badge awards.  These are the ones that have come out of my head, so I am sure that says it all!


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